parents are no obstacle

Live at Røvær

Are you tired of your life in the time-squeeze? Would you like to live in the countryside? Would you like to live close to the nature, surrounded by the ocean, but not miss out on the opportunities a city can offer? Would you like for your children to have a safe childhood, where they are truly seen at school, and being taken care of? Would you like for your children to grow up around the possibilities nature provides, whilst also having the option to participate on leisure activities in Haugesund?

We feel certain you would love life on Røvær! And we would love to help you make it happen!

Who we are

We are a group of parents of the children of the Kindergarden on Røvær. Three of us grew up on Røvær and luckily were fortunate enough to find partners who wanted to join us on this idyllic island just off the coast of Haugesund.

We wish to show families with children (or children with families?) the opportunities that comes with actively choosing to settle on the island of Røvær. Living on Røvær, offers the unique chance to combine a life out in the ocean, with city-life.

We are working on finding housing, both permanent and temporary, both for rent and for sale, for people who would like to try out living on Røvær.

About "Island seeking children! 2"

We are a committee working on behalf of "Røvær Øyting", which is an organ working with and against the public sector. A few years ago, there was a similar project in progress, "Island seeking children, parents are no obstacle", which lead to great success - five families came to settle in the island. These children are now growing up, and we would like to repeat the success!